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When you miss fun activities, does it negatively affect your mood?

Did you know?

  • Your ears can be a “window to your mind” and hearing loss may increase depression risk, especially for those younger than 70 years, or that…
  • In the U.S., it is estimated that 37 million adults have some degree of hearing loss, while 22 million suffer from some form of depression.

Especially with social distancing, do you enjoy daily pleasures from listening to television, talking on the phone, favorite hobbies or when practical, dining out? With masks prevalent, are you able to understand your healthcare providers well and if Zoom calls are frequent, can you fully participate?

Those with sensory loss, especially both hearing and vision, suffer depressive symptoms more than the general population and research shows more acute need for timely healthcare intervention when increased sensory loss constrains daily functionality. Expert care can empower you to see, hear and live better.

The improved capacity for you and loved ones to experience the joy of hearing can positively influence social interactions, personal relationships and state of mind. Further, those with optimal hearing can more capably manage activities of daily living and safely navigate surroundings, even in situations with listening and communication challenges.

“All the Sounds of the Earth Are Like Music” – Oscar Hammerstein II

By getting your hearing tested regularly and ensuring personalized devices deliver maximum daily benefits, you will hear and understand best. As making healthy decisions can add years to your life, communication wellness can add life to your years. Please make plans to see us soon for a personal consultation so you and your loved ones will be happy to hear.

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