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What type of brain exercise do you have planned for today? Using it may reduce your risk of losing it.

Especially with our growing population of active seniors, it is crucial to understand how hearing loss relates to cognitive decline. Getting more exercise typically refers to healthy habits such as walking, biking, treadmills, swimming, yoga or gym routines. As these activities enhance physical fitness, it is remarkable to learn how sensory stimulation can positively affect mental fitness. The fact is, being happy to hear can foster many quality-of-life benefits.

Research indicates that atrophy of functional brain pathways can reduce hearing ability and speech comprehension. Those with hearing loss may struggle with accelerated rates of cognitive decline and increased dementia risk as compared to individuals with normal hearing. In the meantime, since hearing capacity can decline gradually, necessary testing is often delayed.

Are you asking folks to repeat themselves more frequently, having difficulty understanding conversations in noisy settings or struggling to hear the television? Think about what these daily cues may indicate and benefit from sound advice. The sooner the better.

The auditory cortex is the part of our brain that performs hearing functions and by exercising hearing, just like muscles, the more useful it will be. To understand how hearing relates to brain function, we learn about neuroplasticity. This concept refers to our brain’s resilient ability to structurally reorganize itself, throughout life, by forming new neural or brain cell connections. By listening up, you take control and keep change for the better in mind.

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With doctor visits as normal, family Facetimes fun and Zoom calls prevalent, communication wellness empowers positive interactions with healthcare providers, family, and colleagues. Our expert guidance will ensure you are well-versed about how joys of hearing trigger vital brain stimulation. Having discovered that more brain exercise will nurture abilities to experience life to the fullest and stay mentally fit, we encourage you to make smart choices. Our compassionate professionals are “hear to help”, for life.

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